This website is just about the interesting things I run into every day as a software engineer. My name is Edouard Kaiser and I was born in Sete, France where I spent the biggest part of my life enjoying the beautiful weather that south of France is offering.



Montpellier_pictureIn 2002 I moved to Montpellier to study Computer Science for 5 years. I graduated in 2007 with a Master degree in software engineering.





After graduating I moved to Paris to start my career as a software engineer. I was hired by Sopra Group, a european IT Consulting and Services company, and more specifically on a JavaEE project for the biggest  french mobile operator.





At the end of 2008, I moved back to Montpellier to start a new job with a software publisher, PC SOFT. The company is specialized in professional development environment, and especially in Integrated Development Environment.





In 2012, my wife and I decided to move to an english speaking country and we picked Australia for its amazing quality of life and the job opportunities. We started to gather all the documents to apply for a skilled migration. We got permanent residency and moved to Sydney at the beginning of 2013.



Since April 2013, I started to work at Skiddoo, in the heart of Sydney, as a Java and iOS software engineer. Today, I’m leading the engineering part. It’s been an amazing ride so far, the company is growing and the technology stack we’re using is very exciting.



To finish, as Dinesh Chughtai from Silicon Valley (the TV show) would say, I like to think that:

I write sleek performant low-overhead Java code with higher order functions that will run on anything.

Well, to be honest, he says Scala, but hey, I’m more a Java guy…

Special thanks to the authors of these beautiful pictures for putting their work under the Creative Commons licence in Wikipedia.